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What is the Smart Digital Business Network?

The Smart Digital Business Network program is the digital version of SunMoney’s Community Powerhouse program.

How Does the Smart Digital Business Network Program Work?

The Smart Digital Business Network program takes over the personal community building from the SDBN package owners. We do it through online marketing supported by artificial intelligence.

The business model ensures that the program continues to attract interested parties and grow. Thus providing members with a steady stream of passive income that solar power generation and company growth can provide.

Features of the Smart Digital Business Network Program.

sWant to make money while you sleep?
Sounds too good to be true?

With the Smart Digital Business Network, it is possible.

Our innovative community uses solar power and online marketing to create financial stability and security for its members.

Our community is built by online marketing tools, while passive income is provided by generating solar power.

Each member has their share of solar panels as SDBN packages generating solar power.

The generated power is then continuously sold to the grid or the highest bidder, thus creating passive income for the SDBN package owners.

A smaller portion of the generated money is automatically reinvested by the system to purchase more solar power generating capacity for the SDBN package owner from one of our already existing solar plants.

The larger our community becomes, so does the capacity of our solar farms.

If you have been seeking REAL passive income, Smart Digital Business Network might be a great option for you.

Our system features:

  • One purchase is required
  • No monthly activity is required
  • The system provides regular, monthly payments to SDBN package owners
  • No prior training or skills are required
  • Money-back guarantee!
  • Anyone can join the program (only an internet connection, and a credit card are required)
  • Unlimited number of packages can be purchased
  • Affiliate Program
  • Training Program

The SDBN Token Family

If you are interested in the World’s first real green token backed by real solar power plants, click on the button below.