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GENERAL CONTRACT TERMS AND CONDITIONS of digitálismunkatárs.hu Kft. (registered office: 1091 Budapest, Üllői út 55., company registration number: 27427453-2-43, tax number: 27427453-2-43) for the provision of the service related to the eSolar Digital package – hereinafter referred to as the „Service” – to private customers – hereinafter referred to as the „Customer or Customers”.

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1. digitálismunkatárs.hu Kft. declares that its employees and partners have knowledge and experience in using online advertising spaces as a sales channel.

2. The service fee is 500,- EUR, i.e. five hundred euros, which service fee does not include VAT (Gross: 635,- EUR). Method of payment of the service fee: credit card. The service fee is due at the time of registration. Once the service fee has been paid, the customer’s eSolar DIGITAL package will be activated within 96 hours of the approval of the registration form. Within 96 hours after the activation of the eSolar DIGITAL package, digitálismunkatárs.hu Kft. will issue an invoice for the service fee to the client.

3. The sale of 1 eSolar DIGITAL package to the customer in the SunMoney Community Solar Program system (eSolar DIGITAL package description is available for customers at https://sunmoney.net/dokumentumok).
Management of the position fixed at the time of registration for a minimum of 6 months (connection of new customers based on a programmed algorithm, purchase of eSolar packages and Sunmoney Community Solar Program packages).
Building and managing sales funnel (content production, linking automated online marketing tools, ad creation and ad management).

4. The Customer acknowledges the following terms and conditions for the use of the Service:

The purchase by the Customer of the eSolar DIGITAL package sold by digitálismunkatárs.hu Ltd. in the SunMoney Community Solar Program (eSolar DIGITAL package description available for customers at https://sunmoney.net/dokumentumok).


The customer is not entitled to withdraw any money from the system and to deactivate the automated system for 6 months after the activation of the eSolar DIGITAL package.

The customer can decide after 6 months from the activation of the eSolar DIGITAL package whether to opt for continuous withdrawals or to leave the system in automatic mode.

Once the automated system has been switched off, the customer is not entitled to reset it to automated mode.

In the event of withdrawal by the client, 20% of the amount withdrawn at any time shall be paid to digitálismunkatárs.hu Kft. or its successor in title as a commission. The Customer agrees that the amount of this commission will be invoiced by digitálismunkatárs.hu Kft directly to the operator of the SunMoney Community Solar Programme.

By activating the eSolar DIGITAL package, the user accepts the terms and conditions of the Sunmoney Community Solar Programme (Sunmoney Community Solar Programme terms and conditions are available to customers at https://sunmoney.net/dokumentumok).

Customers are registered in chronological order.

5. By using the service, the customer agrees that digitálismunkatárs.hu Ltd. will publish the customer’s name, the amount of solar package owned, the amount of solar package owned, the Sunmoney Community Solar Program package and the number of the invited customers on its website, newsletters and social media platforms.


6. digitálismunkatárs.hu Ltd. will provide a money-back guarantee for the first 5,000 registered customers for the net value of the issued invoice if after one year digitálismunkatárs.hu Ltd. has not registered two customers for the customer’s position.

7. digitálismunkatárs.hu Kft. informs the customer who acknowledges that

digitálismunkatárs.hu Kft. does not assume any responsibility for the successful business building by the client and does not provide any guarantee, but will do its best to ensure the success of the client,

the activity may be conducted at commercial risk,

building and operating a sales funnel does not necessarily mean success.


Valid from 15.08.2021.