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The business model of the Smart Digital Business Network is a combination of a fully automated sales system and the SunMoney Community Power Plant program. The core of the program is that the promotion and expansion of the program is not done by the program members, but by an artificial intelligence-enabled online sales system. You can be part of the programme by purchasing a package worth five hundred euros plus VAT, which includes a 125-watt solar share, community rights (a share of the revenue from community growth) and advertising contributions (online content production, sales funnel, advertising costs).

The SDBN1 token is based on this business model. The fund includes 1,000 Smart Digital Business Network packages with a face value of $500,000. This fund was divided into 50,000,000 tokens with a face value of one US dollar cent. The initial solar share of the fund is 125,000 watts, which is growing steadily, due to the fact that all the revenue generated by the fund is used to purchase additional solar shares.

The fund’s revenue is derived from the solar share (the amount received from the production and sale of electricity) and the expansion of the programme.

The fund reinvests all of its income for a period of twenty-four months from its inception to purchase solar shares, thereby increasing its passive income.

At the end of the twenty-four months, the fund will stop reinvesting, and from then on, the revenue will be distributed monthly to the owners of the solar panels.

Based on preliminary calculations, the monthly payout could be more than ten times the face value of the token if the scheme can keep up with projected growth (125,000 members in the first year, 500,000 members by the end of the second year, 6,000,000 members by the end of the fifth year.)